How to Drill Into Concrete the Right Way

Drilling into walls isn’t just a task for the experts. It can be a fun do-it-yourself task if you know the correct and safe way of drilling. A serious mistake could mean permanent damage to your drill or to your wall so you should know well how to drill into concrete.

Why Do People Drill Holes into Walls?

Oftentimes, people drill holes into walls to install concrete fasteners or anchors. Sometimes, drilling holes can be for pipes or wirings. Whether you’re drilling one simple hole or dealing with lots of them, drilling into concrete is still. Concrete is different from cement. While cement is made of fine mineral powder and water, cement can be a mixture of a lot of things such as sands and stones bound by cement.

Which Tool Do You Need for Your Wall

Here are some features to consider in finding the perfect tool for drilling into concrete:

  • Hammering function. Leaving the work to the drill’s rotating action may not be sufficient. In addition, the hammering function will allow quicker drilling.
  • Good grip. When drilling, a good grip can be useful to avoid too much difficulty in handling the tool.

There are a variety of Black and Decker cordless drill types that house these important functions. Here are other features that, even though not necessary, may contribute to an easier and quicker drilling:

  • variable speed setting
  • depth setting
  • side handle

You should also make sure that you’re using the right size of the drill bit. This way, there will be no problems when fixing the fastener or anchor.

How to Drill into Concrete

This part explains how to drill into concrete the right way. If you’re a beginner, make sure you follow the steps religiously. First, mark the spots where the hole is to be drilled. Set the tip of the drill bit on mark and apply even pressure. Start slow and drill a small depth to act as guide. Finally, continue at high speed until hole is complete. Remove all dust before clipping fastener or anchor. Usually, the hammering function will make all these steps less difficult. Cordless tools such as the Black and Decker cordless drill can also be helpful. You can always consult the tools’ instructional module for some additional reminders.

Safety Tips to Remember

After learning how to drill into concrete, you still have to consider these safety tips. Always wear goggles when drilling to protect the eye. Always remove residual dust and remember not to touch the drill bit after drilling.

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