Proper mowing of grass is one of the tasks you need to master when doing lawn maintenance. The first step to that is finding the best lawn mower that suits you.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

There are various types of lawn mowers and each has their own benefits and disadvantages. When classified by its build, there are commonly three types of lawn mowers.

  1. Cylinder – This type is very common and is often considered the traditional type. Its name comes from the cylindrical build of the blades. To use this, the user pushes the mower forward or backward. Lawnmowers for sports areas like the Toro lawn mower usually fits under this category.
  2. Rotary – The rotary type has a unique feature of a rotating blade. You can attach a roller that flattens the grass and achieve beautiful stripes for the grass.
  3. Hover – These lawnmowers are easy to handle with their lightweight nature. Also, they are usually small and easy to store. If you have a small lawn and storage space, this may be the best lawn mower for you.

There are also other classifications of mowers. You can choose between a manual or an electric lawn mower. Some brands like the Craftsman lawn mower offer riding lawn mowers. Another unique lawn mower type is the robotic lawn mower. This type can mow the grass on its own and come back to its battery station after. They can determine the lawn perimeter through wires and work quietly and safely. Toro Lawn Mower also offers robotic types but they can be quite expensive.

Tips on Operating Mowers

Making a huge mowing mistake could ruin your beautiful grass. Check out the follow tips that could help you along the way:

  • Read instructions carefully. Each lawn mower type has different features. Mower types such as Craftsman lawn mower provide complete manuals for to keep you aware of all functions.
  • Get the proper mowing height. This is the most important part of lawn mowing. To be more certain, look up the right mowing height for your type of grass. The famous rule is to never cut the grass more than a third of its blade length. Also, cutting the grass too short will make it prone to weeds.
  • Keep your blades sharp. No matter how much you try, a dull blade can’t cut the grass evenly. To prevent blade damage, make sure that no rocks or other debris are present before you mow.
  • Safety first. Whether you’re using an electric lawn mower or riding lawn mowers, you need to be careful in handling it.

All in all, the one big tip you have to keep in mind is that you have to mow the lawn safely, effectively and creatively. It’s difficult to determine the best lawn mower for everyone, but you can surely find the best lawn mower for you!